高橋秀幸1973.04.12 山形県出身 A型
そして2013年、サラリーマンを卒業。4月からはアニメ「探検ドリランド-1000年の真宝-」OP主題歌を1年間務め、2014年6月からは、声優「沖佳苗」元AKB48「田名部生来」をアシスタントに迎えweb番組「ヒデはフルスロットル!?」が開始!2015年9月からは、全国放送のアニメ「フューチャーカード バディファイト ハンドレッド」のOP主題歌と挿入歌を担当!2017年からは声優で歌手の宮本佳那子さんとライブ「ひで&かなのトゥルッ♪トゥギャザー」を定期開催中。
炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャー10周年記念Vシネマ作品「炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャー 10 YEARS GRANDPRIX」エンディングテーマ「KEEP“GO-ON!”」を作詞作曲歌唱を担当する。
同年、デビュー10周年を迎え初のベストアルバム「10nk YOU! ~KEEP “GO-ON!”~」を発表。山形、大阪、北九州、東京を巡るツアー「10nk YOU!」を行い各地で大成功を納める。

Hideyuki Takahashi

Hideyuki started his professional singer career as an opening theme singer for a Japanese famous superhero TV series, called “Engine Sentai Go onger” in 2008.

At the start, he was still working as a salary man as well as a singer at weekends.

Gradually media noticed about him, especially local TVs. TV Kanagawa offered him to be a singing big brother in their children’s TV program. He had taken the offer and hosted the show as a singing big brother, the favorite brother figure of all Kanagawa Prefecture children.

Having those experiences with meeting many kinds during the TV program, and the experience of him being a father himself, he started giving seminars for how to bring up children with a joy.

After he was appointed to sing for another superhero TV series called “Tokumei Sentai Go busters” in 2012, he thought, it was the time for him to concentrate on his singing career, so he retired from the salaryman job and he re-established his career as a “Singer” again in 2013.

In April 2013, he had an offer to sing an opening theme for an animation. It was called “Tanken Doriland-true treasure of 1000 years-,”  

In September 2015, he sang both opening theme and songs coming into the animation for a TV animation called “Future card buddyfight hundred.”

In 2018 his songs were used for both opening and ending theme for cell phone game “GESTALT ODEN.” In the same year, he was offered to make a theme song for the ending theme song for 10 years anniversary V Cinema for “Engine Sentai Go-onger 10 years GRAND PRIX” and created a  song called  “KEEP “GO-on!”” The song was all produced by himself from the lyrics to composing.

He also created and released his best album “10nk YOU!~KEEP “GO-ON!”~” and his 10th anniversary tour “10nk YOU!”  in Yamagata, Kyushu, Tokyo and it ended with a great success.

He has been loved and favorite singer of all age and “keep going on” as a hero, kids and every kind of music singer actively visiting and singing all over Japan.